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You are visiting Rancho De La Mesa's website. This ranch is located in La Mesa, New Mexico approximately 15 miles south of Las Cruces, NM and 28 miles north of El Paso, TX. The ranch includes 106 acres, 2 main houses, and a 12 acre Lake known as La Mesa Lake. The fresh water lake is illustrated on most maps such as MapQuest.   Here are a few shots showing the main Adobe located on the front portion of the parcel and the Lake House located in the middle of the parcel close to the base of the Lake.  Click on the small picture to get a larger view. 

Adobecorbel1.jpg (75020 bytes)Front Door

Summer time Shots

Adobenorth.jpg (70676 bytes)East Side AdobeNE.jpg (77763 bytes)East Side Adobesouth.jpg (70037 bytes)West Side
Afternoon.jpg (23018 bytes) Winter Shots of the West side backdoor.jpg (98970 bytes)From a pathway near the Lake backhalf.jpg (17691 bytes)Overview shot of the Drive-way in the winter backporche.jpg (22352 bytes)From the balcony of the Lake House. Winter pict. overlooking the tip of the Lake
ballonranch.jpg (42525 bytes)Neighbor's balloon


BigBlue.jpg (12789 bytes)Alfalfa Field with a Great Blue. Winter. 8 Acres boatdock.jpg (35368 bytes)Boat Dock and fishing hut


Canal.jpg (24873 bytes)The west drainage canal
comesit.jpg (27826 bytes)Front on shot of the Adobe in the winter comin.jpg (21651 bytes)Shots of the West Side of the Adobe ComputerJock.jpg (21554 bytes)Front Room of the Adobe Contemplation.jpg (11539 bytes)Shot of the mountains from the balcony of the Lake House in the winter

Corbel, lawn, garage, driveway, water, lake,