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The Lake House back yard  with fruit orchard. This shot was taken in 1985 Another old shot of the back yard The boat dock in 1985 Looking towards El Paso from the Lake House roof
On the southern tip of the lake is a small pond next to the back yard of the Lake House Back yard of the Lake House today Another shot of the Lake House from the boat dock area Lake House Patio and pool area
Pool has a built in Spa with separate controls and pump Top edge of Lake House patio and pool area View of the Organ Peaks and Las Cruces from the Lake House Lower Master Bedroom of the Lake House
View of the Organ Peaks and to the left is Tortugas mountain Patio Palm Tree trimming. Note the size difference between now and the next picture that was taken in 1985 A Lake House patio shot taken in 1985 Picture of the Lake House take from the South West